The chromebook is school property.  By closing this tab I am agreeing to follow the Watchung  Borough Acceptable use policy.    

  1. I will​ only use my Watchung Schools account.  
  2. I am​ responsible for all activities conducted on my chromebook.  
  3. I will​ only use the Watchung Schools account and Chromebook for academic purposes.  
  4. I will ​keep the chromebook clean and safe.  
  5. I will​ honor the Watchung Board of Education restrictions on websites and apps.  
  6. I will​ ​not ​ post or share anything harassing, discrimination, and threatening. These kinds  of posts are prohibited.  
  7. I will not ​disclose personal information.  
  8. I will not ​alter the configuration of the chromebook.  
  9. I will not ​use messaging or social media sites.    

Watchung Borough Public Schools, under the direction of an Administrator, reserves the right to  access your Chromebook and its data.