Message from the Superintendent
Reminder: First Day of School is Tuesday, September 7th

We are very excited about the start of school this year. In spite of the economic challenges brought about by our loss of state aid and a defeated budget, we believe we have planned another banner year for your children. Latin will be taught in fourth and fifth grades this year using Rosetta Stone, and Spanish will be taught to our K 3 students using Muzzy. Fifth and sixth grade advanced math students will take Pre-Algebra this year. Because of the generous support of the PTO, we are able to provide exceptional educational experiences in both schools. We are extremely grateful for the volunteer efforts of our PTO and WEF. Both organizations have made sure our students and teachers have the highest quality materials and equipment. Our teachers have volunteered this summer to formulate Professional Learning Communities, and to place fifth and sixth grade students in their most advantageous level math class. The teachers have been very generous with their time and we are very appreciative.

With funds that were approved by taxpayers on Election Day in April, 2009 we have renovated eight restrooms in the schools. This project was also paid for by the State of New Jersey at 40% of the renovation costs. We are very happy that we received the 40% grant from the NJ DOE. By delaying the project to this summer, we also benefited from very low renovation bids.

Dr. Resko has taken over the Valley View Principalship and will continue as our Director of Special Services. An excellent and challenging year has been planned for students and teachers at both schools by Mrs. Nunn and Dr. Resko. The first day of school for all students is Tuesday, September 7. Please make sure your child brings lunch on that day, as it is a full day of school.

Back to School nights are September 21 and 23 at Bayberry and September 27 and 29 at Valley View. I look forward to seeing all of you at those special events.

I welcome you and your children to our BEST YEAR EVER!

Dr. Malyska