Name (click for webpage) Email Position School
- A -      
Albaret, Alex World Language Valley View
Anderson, Russell Social Studies Valley View
- B -      
Barreto, Alexandra Spanish Valley View
Basile, Kaitlin In-Class Support Valley View
Bianca, Melissa Grade 1 Bayberry
Bittone, Angela Vocal Music Valley View
Bleck, Rebecca Grade 3 Bayberry
Buglovsky, Matt Physical Education Valley View
- C -      
Cianci, Krystle Kindergarten Bayberry
- D -      
Deegan, Cindy Grade 4 Bayberry
DeStio-Fontaine, Natalie Language Arts Valley View
deVillers, Susan Language Arts Valley View
Dursee, Jennifer Grade 1 Bayberry
- E -      
Eche,Lissette Spanish Bayberry
- F -      
Fleming, Kara Guidance Bayberry
Franko, Kristina Science Valley View
Freitas, Ashley Grade 3 Bayberry
- H -      
Hathcock, Breanna Grade 2 Bayberry
Heller, Kristen Reading Specialist Bayberry
Higgins, Katie Art Bayberry
Husted, Katie Grade 5 Valley View
- I -      
Imbimbo, Stacey Basic Skills Bayberry
- K -      
Katz, Barbara PreK4 Bayberry
Keane, Tricia Media Center Valley View
Kieltyka, Maggie Grade 5 Valley View
Kinczel, Amy ESL BB / VV
Klier, Michele Grade 3 Bayberry
Klim-Urbano, Heather Grade 5 Valley View
Knight, Jamie Grade 1 Bayberry
Korner, Alison Grade 2 Bayberry
- L -      
Lantier, Katie Pre-k 3 Bayberry
Lavin, Kim In-Class Support Valley View
- M -      
MacLeod, Lauryn Guidance Valley View
Mahoney, Diane Grade 4 Bayberry
Maresca, Danielle In-Class Support Valley View
Matrunich, Trudy Nurse Bayberry
McCarthy, Tim Mathematics Valley View
Mehl, Chris Social Studies Valley View
Melleno, Anne Grade 1 Bayberry
Meyers, Jackie Grade 2 Bayberry
Miller, Chrissie Kindergarten Bayberry
Mirenda, Cathy Mathematics Valley View
Monfet, Jenna Grade 5 Valley View
Morrison, Nora Music (Instrumental) Bayberry
Murphy, Bob Physical Education Valley View
- P -      
Primeau, John Physical Education Bayberry
- R -      
Ray, Karen Art Valley View
Reid, Kristen PreK4 Bayberry
Riley, Chris Science Valley View
Riley, Martha Music (Vocal) Bayberry
- S -      
Salerno, Leanne Preschool Bayberry
Salinger, Elizabeth Grade 2 Bayberry
Santos, Dora Language Arts Valley View
Saporito, Emma STEM Teacher Valley View
Schweitzer, Ray World Language Valley View
Smith, Kristina Grade 4 Bayberry
Stack, Kristen Grade 2 Bayberry
Stanczak, Carissa Basic Skills / In-Class Support Valley View
Stevens, Tara Special Education Bayberry
Suczewski, Julie Nurse Valley View
- T -      
Tasco, Stefanie Special Education Bayberry
Thomas, Robert Industrial Arts/Mathematics Valley View
Thompson, Elizabeth Music (Instrumental) Valley View
Thompson, Sara Kindergarten Bayberry
Tolomeo, Rachel Kindergarten Bayberry
Tronolone,Ashley Physical Education Bayberry
- V -      
Vlkovic, Suzanne Special Education Valley View
- W -      
Wall, Judy Grade 1 Bayberry
Walsh, Susan Language Arts Valley View
Wells, Carolyn STEM Lab/Media Center Bayberry
White, Natalie Mathematics Valley View

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